Although we touched on it briefly on the first post of this blog, Lavender is actually one of the key garden plants that are often overlooked, and they are plentiful in Australia. These plants are much easier to grow in Australia than you may already realise! There are so many blooming at all times in Australia that you can take full advantage of growing your own within your garden for the pleasure of how it looks, and then using a portion of these already grown lavender and cutting them down for your bedroom to use them as a sleeping aid.

Lavenders are surprisingly easy to grow throughout all of the seasons. They require very little care and nutrients for the most part, and they require about as much sun as Australia brings throughout the year. Even better, due to the lack of care that is needed for the Lavenders you can spend a lot more of your time focusing and cultivating the plants that really require time to be put into them such as roses, tulips and even sunflowers which can be incredibly difficult to grow in Australia at times.

One of the things that really makes the lavender beautiful for the way it looks is the purple tint that it brings out, which is so amazing to look at in the winter especially. During the winter, many plants and flowers cannot bring out their natural glow since they require heavy sunlight shined on them. With lavenders, they really thrive in terms of the way they look thanks to the winters lack of sun.

It really breaks apart the dreary weather and colour that winter brings off. Because everything becomes so dull with a mix of grey and blue lighting designed to just make everything miserable, lavenders are able to thrive and bring this lovely purple glow that really makes it come alive.

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