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Florella Template is the premier fauna and flora blog in Australia, and we talk about flowers that grow not only in Australia but also around the world. As avid green thumbs, me and my partner have been seeking and growing flowers that bloom all around the world to the point that we consider ourselves world experts on garden plants and home plants. Whether you want to cultivate one of the worlds most amazing gardens, or you simply want to create a lovely set of flowers for inside of your home, we will be showing you some of the many options that you may not already know!

For us, a perfect flower doesn’t only come down to the way it looks. There are other factors that play a vital role in whether that flower is perfect for your home or garden. The smell that a flower can produce is one of the most underrated and overlooked aspects of the flower itself. Some flowers can smell simply horrific, while other flowers such as Lavender can provide the home with a sense of euphoria almost, as it’s known that Lavender is helpful as a sleeping aid.

When you delve into additional aspects such as colour clashing or complimenting depending on the situation, you begin to realise the impact a flower has in the surroundings it is placed in. The flower could sometimes make the room, or break the garden depending on where it is situated and how it looks alongside other plants. Big and beautiful plants are the worst offenders of this, as often times they will automatically shine above the rest of the flowers it surrounds. This in turn can create something that is simply sore for the eye. 

However, we are here to look at the positives and the ways that we can improve your garden, not harm it!

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